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Tonight garbooty & I hung out at our mentor’s studio space and made these prayer flags to contribute to the Happy Flag Project in preparation for the Dalai Llama’s arrival in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s a pretty cool public art / good vibes project, and tonight has been awesome. It’s always good to see him, and he took these.. We rode our bikes there and totally look like a gay prom couple & I love it. These past few days could not have been nearly as tolerable nor bright as they have been without this chick.

Ahh so much fun!! Soul sistas 4everrr 💖

~   Pietro Belluschi, Architect (via considerthishippie)
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in case you didn’t know, I’m from Ala-FUCKIN-bama
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The Majestic Bus has a beautiful wooden floor, painted pine boarding and a well thought-out dining/kitchen area with hand-built units, oak worktops, a gas cooker and a fridge. At the back is a cosy double bed and a wood-burning stove placed on an old flagstone. An L-shaped sofa seat folds into a further double bed. Solar panels on the roof power the lights and a socket to charge phones, laptops etc. A few metres away lies a purpose built wooden bath house, containing a flush toilet and a luxurious roll-top bath with shower above.

To learn more visit the bus’ website 



truly, my spirit animal


yo quick s/o the homegirls who, like garbooty, bring their girls horchata when they’re feeling blue.

Hell yeah, the elixir of life✨


I wanna be buried in these shorts.

I see the sky in those shorts :)
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~   Charles Bukowski  (via stuckupteen)
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